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Improve your DropBox experience

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Tech TricksEntrepreneurs are using DropBox every day for their file requirements, but there is a lot they don’t know about how to make their experience even better. Here are a few tips and tricks for everyday DropBox use:

  • Did you know you can get more space if you refer friends to DropBox? Go to the DropBox website and then click “Invite Friends” – each friend you refer gets you more space.
  • You should be using DropBox to backup basic files if you have nothing else to use. Simply drag them in, and remember to update them.
  • If you’re updating a blog for your business, you can use DropBox to host all of your files, including pictures.
  • If you have a relatively strong security policy, you should be using DropBox to hold all of your passwords. Just make sure you’re using enough passwords and do so at your own risk.