iPhone App of the Week: iWork suite

Tech TricksThe iWork suite for the iPad debuted last year when Apple first launched the tablet, but now they’ve come to the iPhone – and they’re a must for any business user.


The suite consists of three apps – Pages, Numbers and Keynote.


Pages is a text editor, allowing you to open pages, edit and create fairly substantial documents. You can also use basic editing features such as introducing pictures and other elements.


Numbers is a spreadsheet editor, acting just as Microsoft Excel would. You can create and edit spreadsheets, including those you import from attachments and other files.


Keynote is a PowerPoint alternative, and an accompanying remote control is also available for the iPhone as well – you can control a slideshow presentation from your phone.


Each app costs $12.99, but well worth it if you’re on the run and need to edit some documents or presentations. There are some alternatives, such as the QuickOffice suite, and Documents To Go, but the benefit here is that if you’ve already downloaded the iPad versions, then you get these for free.


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