iPhone App of the Week: TomTom

Tech TricksIf you’re an avid driver then you’d probably know of the TomTom navigation software. The good news is that the TomTom iPhone app does pretty much everything a dedicated GPS unit can do, and for a cheaper price.

Using the iPhone’s GPS signal, the app provides all the usual TomTom benefits including routes, daily free map updates, IQ routes, sharing map features, local search with Google, spoken street names, a feature that fades music when directions are given, along with route sharing.

You can also customise the app with celebrity voices which can be purchased in-app, along with map colours. You can select the app to navigate to any of your contacts, and navigate to any photos as well that have locations attached.

The app can also be connected to a TomTom cradle, sold separately, that charges the phone while providing directions. The cradle also boosts the GPS signal.

This is an expensive app at $74.99, but if you’re after a GPS unit then this should definitely be a consideration. A new iPad app this year will also be made available to anyone who downloaded the original TomTom app.


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