iPhone App of the Week: Wikipedia Mobile

Tech TricksWikipedia is one of the best resources around – if you ever need to research a topic, it’s a great way to start and is sure to give you a few sources to begin.


There are plenty of Wikipedia apps on the App Store, but many are expensive, and others come with features you don’t necessarily need or want.


The official Wikipedia Mobile app may be the best fit for many users. It’s simple, stripped down, and allows you to access information in an easy way.


Users simply type in what article they want to read in the search bar, and the information pops up, edited to fit the mobile screen. Pictures can be viewed in full-screen, and you can also view your history and bookmarked articles if you ever need to go back to something quickly.


This isn’t the flashiest Wikipedia app out there, but it’s free and will do the job for most.


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