Keep iTunes synced through DropBox

Tech TrickiTunes is one of the most popular media programs in the world, and many entrepreneurs use it to keep music and video files in check. But if you’re operating across multiple computers, then keeping iTunes synced across all of them can be a chore.


But thankfully you can get around this by using DropBox.


First, you need to copy your entire iTunes library over to the DropBox folder. If you don’t have a big enough DropBox account then you’ll need to pay for more storage – many entrepreneurs do this anyway.


Then, you need to make sure that each version of iTunes is pointed towards the DropBox folder for your iTunes files.


The way you do this is by pressing and holding shift, and then opening iTunes. The program will then ask you which library to open, and you need to point towards the DropBox folder.


iTunes will sync your folders – and you’re done. The added benefit of this is that even if you lose media files on your computer, they’ll still be backed up through DropBox.


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