LogMeIn updates app

Makers of the popular remote logging software, LogMeIn, have just updated the official iPhone and iPad app.


Now, the updated user interface allows users to connect to computers and interact with desktops as if they were natively designed for touchscreens. There are also easier ways to switch back and forth between multiple monitors.

As a small business owner, you’re often on the road without access to your main computer. Having a remote login app like LogMeIn allows you to connect to a desktop computer in your home or office remotely.

These apps are usually expensive, around the $20-30 mark, but they often come with free software to install on your desktop or laptop. Setting everything up takes a few minutes, though you might need an IT-savvy colleague to help, but being able to access your office network on the road is definitely worth the time and effort.

Some other apps worth checking out include Jaadu and RealVNC.


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