Musical moments for mums and babies

Business start-up for mothersMuch has been said about the effect of music on babies in the womb, but does music really make your baby smarter?



Extensive scientific research shows numerous positive contributions of music to human fetal development.


For instance, a study in the UK has shown it will increase memory. It’s also been said to help strengthen the bond between mother and child.


A product has been designed specifically with this relationship in mind, called the Ritmo Advanced Sound System.


It’s considered the most advanced and complete prenatal music player, delivering quality and safe sound to the tiniest of listeners.


Ritmo allows you and your baby to share the sensory and emotional experience of bonding through sound and music, while being supportive, safe and stylish.


The product is a soft, fabric belt, secured around mum’s tum and connected to an iPod or MP3 player. Any type of audio mum listens to can then be enjoyed by her baby at the same time.


For a musically-inclined entrepreneur, this presents a promising start-up opportunity. Why not create iPod “mix tapes” purely for pregnancy purposes?


Mum could download an online music package featuring the classical notes of Mozart or catchy Broadway numbers – whatever she desires.


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