Organising your email is an arduous task. Enter Google’s Priority Inbox.

Organising your email is an arduous task, especially when there are dozens of unread messages staring back at you when you start your day. Deciding which ones to read first is always a hassle.


The new Google Priority Inbox attempts to fix that problem by using an algorithm to determine which messages are the most important for you to read.


Being introduced over the next few days, the feature will start appearing in users’ inboxes. All you have to do is allow it to be installed, then it will instantly start indexing your emails through a number of different equations and algorithms.


This means when you next open your Gmail inbox, your unread messages will be organised by priority, with Google suggesting the ones you should read first, followed by the more unimportant messages.


Every start-up entrepreneur using Gmail should jump on to this service. By reading hundreds of useless emails every day, you’re wasting time that could be spent improving your company. Instead, let Google do the work and start focussing on the emails that really matter.


All you have to do is allow the feature to be installed when you see a prompt, then you’re on your way.


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