Power your DropBox with Chrome

Tech TrickMany businesses only use the desktop version of DropBox to handle their files across multiple computers – and for many that’s good enough. But if you’re using Chrome, there’s a much better way.


You should download the DropBox add-on for Chrome and then install it, so you have an easier way to access your files when using the internet. First, go to the DropBox extension page here, then click “install”.


That’ll take you through an install process, and provide you with a DropBox logo in your toolbar. Click on it, and then sign in with your DropBox account.


There, you’ll see all your files – photos will open up in a new tab, but other files will open normally. You can also click on the “Recent Events” tab to show which files have been edited, and when.


If you’re a regular DropBox user, this should save you some time.


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