Protect your DropBox data

Tech TricksDropBox is a great tool for syncing data across a number of different computers, and for sharing information with colleagues and friends. But sometimes data leaks can occur.


Earlier this week, DropBox experienced a security flaw that allowed anyone access to anyone else’s DropBox folders without passwords.


The answer is simple – encrypt your data before it goes into your DropBox account. There are a couple of ways you can do this.


The first is by setting a very strong password for your DropBox account in general. Make a string of random numbers and letters, but make sure it’s memorable as well.


The second way is by encrypting your data. There are a few programs like TrueCrupt and SecretSync that do this, allowing you to store your data without fear someone else will steal it and find out confidential information


DropBox is a great tool, but make sure you’re using it properly. Protect your data at all costs.


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