Re-Installing Internet Explorer 8

Tech TricksMicrosoft is allowing users to test-run the Internet Explorer 9 browser right now, but what happens if you end up hating it and want to re-install IE8?


It’s a little technical, but it can be done. First, go to the Windows start menu and type “appwiz.cpl” into the search box. That will bring up the Programs and Features menu.


Then, go to “View Installed Updates”, which will bring up a list of programs. Find Windows Internet Explorer 9, right-click and select “uninstall”. The computer will ask you if you’re sure.


After this, the computer will re-start, and then you’ll be prompted to install Internet Explorer 8 again.


Running a test version of a new browser can be nice, but can often result in problems that won’t be there in the full version. Running the IE8 browser is a safer bet if you want to avoid trouble.


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