Run a competition

TaskmasterEveryone loves winning a prize. It won’t surprise you to know that when I was a young Taskmaster, I went undefeated in my primary school colouring competition for three years running.


So when I started Taskmaster Enterprises, one of the first things I did to raise a bit of profile for my business was to run a competition to win a year’s supply of our latest product. It worked a treat.


Today, with social media, running a competition and getting people involved is even easier. Facebook competitions are particularly popular and can spread quickly through the networks of your followers (there are some rules around these, so be careful).


It’s best to make sure your competition is a test of skill rather than a lottery-style promotion, for which you may need some sort of license.


Something like “tell us in 25 words or less” or “send in your best photo with our product” or “give us your best idea” can work really well. This style of competition also allows you to engage with your customers, and shows you are listening to them.


Even if you are serviced-based business with a relatively small number of clients, a competition is a great way to generate a little attention and inject some fun into your business.


Get it done – today!


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