Speed up new tabs in Internet Explorer

Tech trick - Internet ExplorerAll modern browsers now use the tab system – rather than opening a new web page in an entirely different window, users now have the ability to open separate tabs within the browser itself.


But Internet Explorer tabs seem to open slower than most other browsers, and it can be a real pain when you’re trying to get to a website in a hurry.


The main culprit is those pesky add-ons. You’ll want to either get rid of some or move them around if you want to speed up your tabs. So go to “Tools” and then “Manage Add-ons”, where IE will give you a list of all your add-ons and how much time they’re adding to your loading.


If you see some that are taking up too much time, you can select the add-on and then click the “disable” button in order to stop them working. You can always go back and activate them later, but disable them if you feel like saving some time.


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