The gift of giving

eCharity Box Start-up IdeaCharities may be increasingly sophisticated in their appeals for donations, but there is scope for improvement in how the money is actually collected.


Most charities, and aggregated donation sites, in Australia have a simple point-and-click process that does little to show how far a single donation goes towards an overall goal.


Budding entrepreneurs, therefore, should ponder overseas examples that have provided a rich giving experience while providing the basis for a sustainable business.


US offering Nadanu, for example, runs eCharityBox, a site that displays an old-fashioned money tin that provides a satisfying gauge of how much cash has been raised for a cause.


Donors drop virtual coins into the box and watch it fill up. Once it reaches a pre-determined target, the box empties and donors’ credit cards are charged. Donors can give money via the site, mobile and Facebook.


JustGiving in the UK, meanwhile, has developed the concept of setting up fundraising pages for individuals to incorporate video, blogs, news and an app. The result is a well-rounded charitable experience.


Take a look at the online charity sector in Australia and see where improvements can be made. Just be aware that banks and suppliers won’t return the charitable ethos if you do decide to launch a site!


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