Time to call your Techmaster

taskmasterEarlier today, I decided it was high time to have a chat with Taskmaster Enterprises’ resident Gen-Y Techmaster.


As long-time Taskmaster readers will know, a good meeting is like a Ukrainian weightlifter: Nasty, brutish and short. However, inspired by recent events, I figured it’s high time to have a little tech chat. Unless you are a traditional quilt maker deep in Amish country, it’s time for you do the same.


The reason is, of course, the now well-documented Click Frenzy fiasco. Over $1 million in advertising was spent on advertising the high-profile discount event, only for the website to crash.


But how would your website cope with a sudden surge in customers? What would happen if a promotion for your business went viral – for example – and attracted a surge of visitors to your website? Would it stay online or crash?


If you don’t know, don’t assume! Even simple websites these days depend on a whole stack of software – Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and a content management system – just to display a single word. That’s not even mentioning the many possible hardware failures your website’s servers could have or the bandwidth limits you could face. If it’s not something you haven’t looked into, it’s time to talk to your Techmaster!


Aside from being able to scale up the amount of traffic your website can handle, your website should be able to scale up the features it has as your business grows too. It’s a point Craig Reardon makes in his blog.


With modern content management systems – such as Joomla, WordPress or Drupal – adding new features or pages to your website as your business grows should be relatively painless. If not, there is a chance you’re stuck on a dead-end website that could cost you a small fortune in the future to fix.


So can your website be scaled up in features and traffic? Or is it time to replace it with one that can?


If you don’t know, don’t sit there wondering. Call your Techmaster!


Get it done – today!


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