Turn on desktop notifications for Chrome

Tech TricksIf you’re a Chrome user, you may be unaware you can now get notifications for Gmail on your desktop.


First, you need to go to “Options” and then click on “Under the Hood” and then “Content Settings”. Then, you’ll need to go to the Notifications menu.


There should be an option there that says, “Ask me when a site wants to show desktop notifications”. Select that, then close out of that menu.


Next, you need to go to your actual Gmail account. Click on “Settings” and then “General”. You should see an area for desktop notifications, at which you should click the, “Click here to enable desktop notifications”.


Your browser should then ask you if you want mail.google.com to show desktop notifications. Click yes, and it should be working. Each time you receive a message in your Gmail account, a notification will show up on your desktop.


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