Update your social media ahead of the Australia Day long weekend

In this world, there are only a couple of things that can disrupt the usually calm mojo of your otherwise Zen-like Taskmaster. Meetings, bureaucrats, paperwork, poor sales techniques, taxes, unsafe passwords, queues, vicuñacinos, flatlanders, flatlanders driving cars…


Okay, perhaps more than just one or two things set Old Taskmaster off – but you get my point.


Anyway, there’s another item you can add to the list: Businesses that fail to adequately communicate whether or not they’re open over public holidays.


Seriously, there is nothing worse for your humble correspondent than celebrating a national holiday and, when going to get that late night kebab afterwards, making the shocking discovery that the local lamb sandwich merchant has gone up with the kids to Lake Eildon!


So, take a look at your social media accounts and your blog. Take a look at your shopfront as well if you own a physical store. Have you let your customers know whether you’ll be trading over this long weekend?


If not, let them know!


If you’re closing, write a tweet saying what days you’ll be closed and when you’ll reopen!


Alternatively, if you’ll be offering reduced services (for example, closing early or offering limited phone support) let your customers know!


And if you’re open, let your customers know you’ll be open! Don’t lose those customers!


So what are you waiting for! Give your customers that advanced warning of your trading hours now!


Get it done – today!


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