What iPhone 4S plan is best for you?

Telstra has finally released the pricing for its iPhone 4S packages, and with the device coming in just two days, customers are eagerly judging all the major telcos on how they can get the most bang for their buck.


With all three major telcos now having released their plans, it’s a good time to see how they all stack up side by side and determine what deal will be the best for you. Whether you’re a data-heavy user, or just want something cheap, there’s a plan to suit all needs.





Cheap as chips

If all you want is a cheap deal, and nothing else, then it’s probably best looking at one of the Vodafone deals. The cheapest, which gives you a 16GB model on a $29 cap, with a $15 handset, is just $44 a month. That’ll only give you 200MB of data, but it’s better than nothing.


The next few after that are the $29 cap and the 32GB and 64GB models, with total monthly costs of just $49 and $54 a month. Those two will give 1.5GB and 2GB a month as well.


Vodafone dominates the lower-end of the market, with the cheapest Optus plan at $59 a month, with 1.5GB of data, while Telstra’s cheapest is at $63 per month with 1.5GB of data.


There are plenty of cheap plans, but you’re going to sacrifice data if you want the lowest. The best bet is the Vodafone $29 plan with a 32GB model, which costs only $49 per month and gives you 1.5GB worth of data.


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