What to expect from tomorrow’s iPhone 5 announcement

After months of speculation and waiting, Apple is set to announce its new iPhone tomorrow – and there are plenty of rumours flying around about what exactly the tech giant will unveil.


A new design, a bigger screen, and even 4G capability – these are just a few of the rumours that have spread across the internet in the past few weeks.


This year’s announcement has suffered from an unusual amount of leaks, giving analysts some idea of what they can expect when chief executive Tim Cook takes the stage tomorrow.


It’s not only a hotly anticipated announcement, but an essential one for the company. Its financial results came in lower than expected last quarter, and analysts will be looking to this announcement for some hope of a hot holiday quarter.


SmartCompany will cover the announcement tomorrow morning, but here’s a rundown of what you can expect – and what you shouldn’t:


iOS 6


Guaranteed. The software update announced earlier this year comes alongside new iPhone updates, so the iPhone 5 will ship with the latest programs. iOS 6 will probably be available sometime next week.




This rumour is pretty much assured. The iPhone will be changing its design to feature a two-tone build, with a strong aluminium casing across the back of the device, rather than its current Gorilla Glass build.


It’s an unusual move for Apple given its priority towards clean design. But leaks have already shown the device carrying this type of build, so it’s safe to assume this is what we’ll see tomorrow – or, at least, something like it.


New dock connector


Again, this is a rumour that is all but confirmed. Plenty of leaks have shown the new dock connector size and tipped its appearance tomorrow. It’ll be an annoyance for users having to get new cables, but it’s coming.


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