Uber launches JUMP scooter pilot program in San Francisco with transport accessibility focus

Uber JUMP San Francisco

JUMP's electric scooters. Source: Anthony Quintano (cropped).

Uber’s JUMP is teaming up with San Francisco Bike Rentals to launch an adaptive scooter pilot program in the Bay Area.

JUMP, the ridesharing giant’s e-bike arm, will deploy two types of disability-friendly, three-wheeled scooters, and monitor rider feedback before expanding the program, as required under Californian laws.

“We’re committed to helping improve access to transportation for everyone in San Francisco.

“We believe our adaptive scooters will do just that, Buespecially for people who either don’t need mobility assistance at home, or don’t qualify for home scooter purchase programs, but who still face limited options in public,” an Uber spokesperson said in a statement.

The scooters can be rented for US$0.33 (AUD$0.48) per minute, with low-income plans also available.

Riders are not able to reserve scooters through the Uber app though.

Instead, hopeful renters will need to book in advance through SF Bike Rentals and pick up their scooter from one of two locations, where riders will be recommended a suitable model.

San Francisco had previously banned electric scooter networks due to safety issues and complaints of scooters littering footpaths. Due to its potential to ease traffic congestion, however, the city allowed two scooter programs to return mid-2018.

Uber was among the companies allowed into the expansion of San Francisco scooters in October of last year, on the condition it caps the number of pilot vehicles to 500.

But with only four vehicles available for the Uber JUMP pilot, the city of San Francisco needn’t have worried.

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