Pick an employee of the month

The TaskmasterThere are so many ways to celebrate. The bottle of champagne sprayed Grand Prix-style around the office. The golf clap. The high-five. The small gift.



Whatever your favourite celebration method (here at the Tasksmaster offices we like ringing a small bell) it is time to go for it, because today you are going to pick an employee of the month.


It might be someone who has done particularly good work, or someone who has gone above and beyond by staying late or going out of their way for a customer. Whatever it is, a small gift (movie tickets are always a good idea) and a bit of public acknowledgement is a great way to show that your team is appreciated.


And if you are a sole trader, then the employee of the month will be easy to pick – it’s you. Treat yourself to an afternoon off and think for a little while about the hard work you’ve been pouring in.


You deserve it.


Get it done – today!


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