VIDEO: Greg Roebuck’s advice to entrepreneurs – stay paranoid

Being paranoid is the best way to stay ahead, according to founder and managing director Greg Roebuck.


Roebuck, who describes as an overnight success story that took 17 or 18 years to happen, was speaking at a Startup Grind Melbourne event recently and gave his thoughts on what it takes to create a successful startup, and why it’s best for those startups to try and disrupt themselves.


Check out some of his chat with Startup Grind Australia’s Chris Joannou in the videos below or read his top three tips when pitching to investors.




On Wednesday October 29 Startup Grind Melbourne will be hosting Envato founder and chief executive officer Collis Ta’eed at the NAB Village.


Since 2006 Ta’eed has helped grow the Envato community to reach millions of people around the world. For tickets head over to Startup Grind Melbourne’s eventbrite page.


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