Identifying hidden SEO gems in your analytics data

Say you’ve been running your site for a couple of months now. You’ve taken care of your onsite content, built some solid links from reputable sources and enjoyed the first fruits of your labour.


Of course, you would have installed Google Analytics to ensure that you keep track of your progress all this time.


If you had done all the above, then here’s something you can do to draw more value out of your site.


In Google Analytics, you should be able to pull out your top (20,50,100, etc) Organic Search keywords by traffic. Once you’ve got them in an excel file, run a rank checker to check where your site stands among your competitors.


If you’re number one for a number of keywords, there’s not much else you can do. What we’re looking for here are positions two, three, four and five, or anything close enough to the top position that we can work on to get some good results.


Considering that we have extracted these keywords from the top 100 keywords that are already driving traffic to our site, the ROI on working these keywords is typically quite good.


If all we do is move 10 keywords from positions two to five to positions one to two, there’s a high chance that you’d enjoy a good amount of new high quality traffic.


So whip out your link building process, improve that on page content and enjoy working on your newfound gems.

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