An accessory to innovation

iPad accessoriesIt’s always heart-warming to see an Australian entrepreneur break into the US market, so best of luck to Raaj Menon, who is launching his PADACS iPad accessories range Stateside.



Menon’s firm PCRange has a decent range of cases, stands, in-car and anti-glare accessories for the iPad, which has already shifted more than two million units in Australia.


However, iPad accessories still have to come a long way to match the inventiveness, and bizarreness, of some of the iPhone add-ons that have been launched.


iPhone accessories range from the logical – water proof cases and speaker docks – to the highly unusual.


The more outlandish iPhone add-ons include ‘funny phone fingers’, which look suspiciously like condoms for the fingers but are, in fact, a way to reduce the untidy screen smudging familiar to all iPhone users.


Other iPhone accessories include a breathalyser to ensure you aren’t drunk before you drive, a camera lens to get extreme close-ups from your iPhone camera and a detective-style holster to stop thieves picking your pocket.


Some of these iPhone accessories are clearly ridiculous, but that’s not to say that the iPad, and rival devices, won’t start to spawn a series of innovative bolt-ons. The window of opportunity into the iPad accessory market is closing, so why not offer something innovative with a genuine consumer need?


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