Back-up your data on the cloud

tech tricksLosing your crucial data is a disaster for a start-up business. So back up all your information online so you have access to copies whenever you need them.




Businesses like Carbonite and Amazon offer storage solutions for any type of data. You typically pay a monthly fee, and are able to make copies of your data to access on the cloud. Whenever you access the internet through a web-based browser, you can access your files.



This means whenever your computer dies, or a hard drive breaks, you aren’t left with a massive repair bill. All you have to do is download copies of your data again.



Security firm Symantec has even recently announced it will partner with a data centre or telco in order to start its own cloud-based disaster recovery tool.


“Currently, the partnership we have today is based offshore, but over time, I expect to see domestic capabilities in all major countries because, from an economic point of view and a customer point of view, a lot of customers want to keep (their data) onshore,” chief technical officer Mark Bregman told The Australian.


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