Customise your Android home screen

Tech Trend on Android smartphonesBusinesses owners will probably be comfortable with using smartphones, and more of them are adopting the Android operating system instead of Google’s iOS.


There are plenty of reasons to try out an Android – flexibility being one of them – but the use of an open-source OS means Android is slightly more complicated than iOS. And for users trying to customise their phone, this can be a problem.


Here are a few tips to try when customising your Android handset:


  • If you’re going to add a widget, hold your finger down and then select “widget” from the menu. Make best use of the space on your home screens, and remember you can add multiple home screens for different types of apps.
  • You can set up direct dial if you call certain people more often than others. Hold down your finger and select shortcuts, then press “direct dial” and choose a contact from the list.
  • Add a shortcut to your favourite web pages by pressing on the browser screen and checking “Add shortcut to home”.
  • You can also use folders to keep apps organised. If you hold down your finger and select “folders” from the drop-down menu, you can drag in contacts, apps and other types of shortcuts.


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