How to extend BlackBerry battery life

Tech Tricks - Blackberry battery lifeKeeping the battery life fresh and charged on a smartphone is a hard task given they rely so much on using power-sucking software.


But if you’re using a BlackBerry, there are a few tips you can follow to make sure your phone stays juiced up:

  • Manage your connection options well. Only use WiFi and Bluetooth when you absolutely need to. These can be turned off in the “Manage Connections” menu.
  • Select notification alerts appropriately. Check to see if your phone is both ringing and vibrating, along with other text message notifications, etc. These can drain battery life if you double up.
  • Adjust the screen brightness. Even dimming the screen just a little can save battery power.

Be selective with your apps. If you’re using power-hungry apps a lot, then your battery charge will drop. Think about when you really need to use certain apps, and avoid times when they are unnecessary.


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