How to format a USB drive

Tech TrickEveryone uses USB drives now – especially busy entrepreneurs who are switching back and forth between computers.


But sometimes they break, and other times they just stop working altogether. A common problem is to constantly see files getting corrupted – this could be because you have a virus or malware on the USB drive itself.


To get rid of it, you need to format the USB drive. This will ensure all malicious material is expunged.


But you should be aware formatting completely erases everything on the drive. Back up all your material before you attempt a format, and if you don’t feel comfortable doing so then have someone more experienced with IT do it for you.


First, you need to go to the My Computer screen and then right-click on the USB drive. Then select “Format This Drive”.


You’ll see a number of options, with one titled “File System”. Generally this will be set to FAT, but to check, right-click on the drive and go to “Properties”.


After you check the file system, check “Quick Format” and then press “Start”. It shouldn’t take long, and after that, your USB drive should be completely formatted.


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