How to install a second monitor

Tech TricksThe rise of wide-screen LCD monitors has been a great thing for the computer industry – now users are able to store more data on the one screen as opposed to the small CRT monitors that were popular only less than a decade ago.


But some budding entrepreneurs may find they will increase their productivity even more if they add a second screen to their PC.


Thankfully Windows 7 has included multi-monitor support and it’s pretty easy to navigate.


All you need to do is plug the second monitor into the back of your computer – a second connection should be available on either your graphics card or motherboard port.


Once that’s done, visit the Control Panel and hit the “display” option, and then hit “screen resolution” on the left-hand side. There, you should be able to click both monitors and then adjust the resolution depending on their screen size.


Then, under the “multiple displays” drop-box, you’ll want to hit “extend these displays”. This will ensure that you have one, long continuous desktop rather than having one monitor mirror its own image in the second screen.


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