How to leave a Windows homegroup

Tech Trick - Windows 7 HomegroupsWindows users may find themselves in a situation where they need to remove a computer from a network homegroup. Thankfully Windows 7 has made it easy to do so.


First, you need to go to the Start Menu and then type “homegroup”, then hit enter. This will take you to the Home Group settings window where you’ll be given a number of different options.


Then, under the “Other Homegroup Actions” section, you need to click the link that says “leave the homegroup”.


There are three options – “leave the homegroup”, “don’t leave, and don’t change anything” and “don’t leave, but change what I’m sharing”. You’ll want the first one, which is “leave the homegroup”.


Any time you need to make changes to your homegroup connections, then just come back to this screen.


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