How to make your computer sleep

Tech TrickKeeping your computer on all night is one of the biggest sins you can commit while working in an office, but unfortunately too many people make this mistake. Keeping a computer on all night can add as much as $1 per day to a power bill – and no entrepreneur wants to pay more than they need to in those early days of starting a company.


But some people don’t want to turn off their computer either. A compromise is to have your computer fall asleep while you’re gone.


This is a pretty easy task. On a Windows machine, go to the Control Panel by clicking on the Start Menu. Then click on the “Power Options” menu.


You’ll see a screen with a number of options – you’ll want to press the “Choose when the computer sleeps” option. Then you’ll be given the opportunity to determine when it falls asleep, either after several minutes of inactivity, or several hours.


And you’re done. You’ll find that your computer will fall asleep after the prescribed time, saving you a small amount of power.


However, if you want to save even more, you should turn your computer off completely when it’s not being used.


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