Just say cheese!

start-up ideas - PhotoBoxiA US photo booth with a twist could inspire Australian start-ups to offer something more than the standard grimaces for passport pictures.



A company called PhotoBoxi has added a social networking element to the photo booth, as well as allowing businesses to exploit contact with other companies.


Users are able to take free pictures of themselves using the PhotoBoxi, which is placed in locations such as bars and nightclubs.

The pictures can then be uploaded to social networking sites such as Facebook, along with the logo of an advertiser.


The advertisers receive a proof of performance report that notes the number of photos taken, as well as users’ email addresses for email marketing campaigns.


Advertisers are always looking for lead generation, so why not think of other ways to encourage people to sign up. Whether it’s vending machines, product giveaways or photo booths, a cutting-edge idea to offer consumers something new can provide brands with much sought-after databases.


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