More tricks for using Android

tech-tricksThis article first appeared April 13th, 2011.


Android is fast becoming one of the most popular operating systems in Australia, challenging the iPhone for dominance in the smartphone sector.


And plenty of entrepreneurs are using them – so here’s a few more tips and tricks for you to keep in mind when using the Android OS:

  • You can move files to and from the Android phone via USB. Connect the phone to your computer, click on the notification panel, then press the “USB Connected” option. Your smartphone will then appear as an external drive.
  • You can swipe downward whenever the on-screen keyboard appears to turn it off, if you don’t want it there.
  • Go to Settings, then “Applications” and then choose “Quick Launch” to use your own hotkeys.
  • On the homescreen, press down on a clear space, then press “Shortcuts”. Then select “Direct Dial”, and pick someone from your contacts list to implement a one-touch dial option.


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