Protect your computer from an accidental shutdown

Windows 7 Tech TrickIt’s happened to everyone – you’re working on an important file or document, and then suddenly, you hit the computer power button accidentally and the machine restarts. You’ve lost your important files and all your hard work has gone to waste.


But if you’re running Windows 7, there’s a nifty little way to prevent yourself making this common mistake.


Go to the Control Panel, (accessible through the Start Menu), and then select “power options”. Then, you need to go to a link on the left side called, “Choose what the power button does”.


A new dialogue box will appear. There should be a piece of text saying “when I press the power button”, and then a drop-down box next to that. In that drop-down box should be the option of “do nothing”. Choose that.


You can still shut down your computer from the Start Menu, but this method means you won’t have any more accidents.


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