Remember, Zuckerberg had doubters too

taskmasterIt might be a funny look. Or a slightly less than enthusiastic comment. Or a sharp intake of breath.


We’ve all had that moment when we were explaining our business idea to a friend, a family member or a colleague and it became clear that they thought we were crazy.


Just remember, there are always doubters. I was reading a great article the other day about the people who have written off Facebook in the last decade or so, saying the company would never be worth more than $2 billion, or build a sustainable business model, or amount to very much at all, really.


Here’s my favourite from a site called Social Realist, which in 2007 published a piece called Top 10 Reasons Facebook Sucks.


“Facebook is a fad. Yes, a FAD!!! You couldn’t give a single legitimate argument to prove otherwise (and don’t try to feed me that crap line about social networking being around long enough to no longer be a fad… Facebook, a single company, doesn’t equate to ‘social networking’). People who waste their time chasing fads (especially in marketing) always get burned, wasting more time than they can justify in the long run.”


Don’t ignore the doubters. Listen to their feedback, pull out the constructive bits and store the rest away.


Those doubters will give you great energy, because there is nothing like proving people wrong!


Get it done – today!


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