Resize photos in Windows XP, Vista

Resize photos in Windows XP, VistaPlenty of businesses haven’t updated to Windows 7 yet, and are still using the XP and Vista operating systems. Those users might want to be aware of a little tip that can help them resize photos without the need for a lot of complications.


If you have the Microsoft Office suite installed, then this is a solid method for resizing your photos. All you need to do is open the Microsoft Office picture manager, and then open whatever photo you want to resize.


On the right hand side, you’ll see several settings, including labels for custom width and height, or changing a photo a percentage of the original picture.


You’ll also be able to see the original size of the photo, and the new size before you’ve even hit “OK”, so you’ll be able to judge whether you’re right before you go ahead.


There are plenty of software programs available for resizing photos, but if you don’t want to fork out the cash and already have Office installed, this is the easiest solution.


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