Set a passcode on your iPhone

There’s been a lot said lately about computer security.


These security concerns expand to smartphones as well. And unfortunately, many iPhone owners don’t know how to properly secure their device.


That’s why they should all be fixed with a passcode. Even if you have an iPhone for personal use and don’t carry any business data, it’s still a good idea to lock your phone. And then, if you have the Find My iPhone feature enabled, you’ll be able to recover your gadget intact.


To set a passcode, go to “Settings”, and then “General”. Scroll down, and after the “Spotlight Search” and “Autolock” options you should see the option to set a passcode.


Click on this option. You’ll be asked to set a passcode twice – and then you’re done. Whenever you lock your screen you’ll then be asked to enter the passcode every time you want to access the device. It may be annoying, but it’ll be worth it when your phone falls into the wrong hands.


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