Set up an automatic defrag

Tech Tricks - Automatic DefragDefragging your hard drive is a necessity in keeping your computer running nice and smooth. It will make sure old files are deleted and useless files are purged regularly.


If you’re operating Windows 7, then the drag utility is set to run automatically when you aren’t using the computer at certain times. But you can actually change it if you want to make it run at a different time.


First, go to the Start Menu, then select “All Programs”, and then move up to “Accessories”. Then you’ll need to click on “System tools” and select “Disk Defragmenter”.


You can then click on a button that says “Configure schedule”. Here you are able to select the disks you want to scan, and how regularly that process occurs – every week or so is a good rule of thumb.


Make sure you keep your computers defragged regularly – it will save you troubles later on.


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