Start thinking about mobile internet and your business


This article first appeared October 24, 2011.


According to research from telco research house Telesyte, it’s predicted that 10 million internet-enabled smartphones will flood into the Australian market in the next 14 years. By 2015, 90% of all mobile phone users will be using a smartphone.


Many entrepreneurs are gadget lovers, so the rise of the smartphone is not going to come as any surprise.


But instead of just thinking of how many cool iPhones you will be able to get between now and then, smart entrepreneurs need to think about how 10 million more smartphone users might impact your business.


How does your mobile site look? Do you have one? Do you need one?


Does your website function on a tablet computer?


When you search for your business on your smartphone, where does it appear in search rankings?


How much you spend on mobile advertising?


Do you need to develop an app?


Do you need to work on mobile-friendly versions of important documents, such as manuals or marketing materials?


These are all key questions that need some thought – and quickly.


Get it done – today!


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