Tips and tricks for GoodReader

Tech TrickIf you own an iPad, then chances are that you also own GoodReader. This app is possibly the best file manager available on the App Store and should be in every entrepreneur’s digital arsenal.


But very few users actually know this app’s full potential. Here are some extra features you may have never known actually existed:


  • You can actually watch videos within GoodReader. Download them from any source, just as you would a normal file, and the media will open within the app.
  • Users can make annotations on their PDF files. Just highlight any text, and choose whether to colour, slash or underline any words. You can also draw in freestyle by choosing the right-most option when highlighting text.
  • You can also open Zip files through the GoodReader app. Connect your email server information, and then download whatever file you need through an email address. After you tap the file, the app will ask to unzip it, and you’ll be able to view your documents.
  • You can also email annotated files from the DropBox. When viewing a file, click on the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen, and then choose how you want to share the document – email and print should be the two options available to you. You can also choose to email a summary of the file as well.  


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