Turn your iPad SmartCover off

Tech TricksThe iPad SmartCover was one of the surprise products from this year’s slew of Apple announcements. The cover has sold millions and plenty of Australians have snapped one up too.


The cover works by turning your iPad’s screen into sleep mode whenever it touches the front of the device, essentially saving you from having to press the “off” button yourself.


But what happens if you don’t want this to happen? Plenty of users may want to just keep their screen on and protect the glass.


There’s a way you can do just that. Head into the Settings app, and then hit the “General” tab on the left-hand side of the screen.


Down under the “auto lock” and “passcode lock” sections, you’ll see a switch called “iPad Cover Lock”. Switch that to “off”.


Now, when you use the cover, it won’t turn your screen off every time.


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