Upload Facebook photos to Google+

Tech TricksNo doubt there are plenty of business owners keen on using social networks, and many will have found their way onto Google+ in the past week.


But some are facing a problem – how do they upload all those photos that they already have on their Facebook pages?


There’s a neat little website called move2picasa.com that will do all the work for you. All you need to do is login to the site, and then give it permission to connect to both your Facebook and Google accounts.


Once that’s done, the website will move all of your Facebook photos into Google+. If you have quite a few they will take several house to upload, but after that, your accounts will be synced.


Transferring uploaded photos to Google could be a barrier to people using the service, as photo-sharing has become on the most popular uses of social network. But tools like these are becoming more popular, ensuring the transition is an easy one.


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