Use VoIP to cut down your phone bills

tech tricksStart-ups don’t need to spend hundreds on useless phone bills. To cut down on your fixed-line costs, use VoIP services such as Skype to call landlines for reduced costs and connect with other Skype users for free.


But Skype isn’t the only alternative. Many ISPs are now offering businesses VoIP options with their internet packages, and Naked DSL allows users to connect online without the hassle of renting phone lines.


A recent survey from the Full Circle Group has found businesses are spending an average of $159 on mobile phones per month, and an average $102 on fixed lines over the past three years, as reported by


Don’t settle for higher phone bills. Use new technology like Skype to cut down on your voice costs, especially during those early days when you’re constantly on the phone trying to gain new clients and customers.


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