Watch any video file on your iPhone

Technology hint on video on the iPhoneMany businesses are now using iPhones to communicate and send files back and forth, but one of the more common frustrations with the device is its media limitations.



If you’re a business using video and other types of media files, you’ll find it frustrating to watch videos on the iPhone because the device doesn’t support many file formats. However, there are a few apps that convert media files for use on both the iPhone and iPad:


  • Air Video. This app costs about $4. It acts as a streaming service, allowing you to watch any video file over both Wi-Fi and 3G connections. It also converts video on the fly, meaning you don’t have to sit and wait for a program to convert a file.
  • VLC. The iPhone version of the popular computer program allows you to load files onto the app through iTunes. The great thing is that VLC supports native AVI files, meaning you don’t have to convert them before adding them to the phone.
  • ZumoCast. This is basically a free version of Air Video. The service allows you to view videos and other files over 3G and Wi-Fi connections and takes less time to set up. Another feature also gives you the capability to access your video files over any web-enabled browser.


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