Write your first blog post

taskmasterYesterday, Old Taskmaster set a simple task to get you on the road to blogging: To have a look at a few successful business blogs.


Assuming you’ve done your homework from yesterday, it’s time to take the next step on the road to blogging: Writing your first blog post.


Now around about here, you’ll throw up every excuse in the world. In fact, I can hear your excuses from deep inside Taskmaster Towers.


You don’t even have a blog! You don’t know how to blog! You don’t have a Blogspot account! You don’t have Joomla installed on your server! Your childhood hero was Ned Ludd and if you weren’t an entrepreneur, you’d lead an army of Luddites to literally rage against the machines!


Well you know what? You don’t have to type up your first blog post on any of those blogging systems. Plain old vanilla Word will do. If you don’t have Word, use Notepad.


Now here’s what you’re going to do. You’ve already seen the types of articles that appear on successful business blogs. Well, it’s time to open up Word and write your own blog. If you have the chance, write out two or three.


Give them a snappy headline.


It doesn’t need to be long either – a couple of sentences or paragraphs will do.


It doesn’t have to be directly related to your business – many of the most interesting business blogs cover a range of subject matter.


Perhaps you could write a post about yourself, your business? Or you might want to write about something else that you feel passionate about – a favourite pet, perhaps?


Don’t worry about putting it on the internet just yet – we’ll worry about that step later.


When you complete this activity, you will have crossed possibly the biggest hurdle to having a professional-looking blog on your website. And you haven’t even had to touch WordPress to do it.


Get it done – today!


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