Blackbird Ventures offices. Source: Supplied

Stephanie Palmer-Derrien

Ambition articulated in vivid colour: Behind the scenes at Blackbird Ventures

Stephanie Palmer-Derrien
Venture Capital
11 minute Read

As one of the biggest and most established venture capital firms in Australia, Blackbird Ventures (Blackbird) is a cornerstone of the local startup ecosystem; a constant in the tech news cycle, whether it’s contributing to unicorn-making $100 million raises or getting in on the ground floor at pre-seed stage.

Founded in 2012, it’s raised more than $1.3 billion for investment into startups in Australia, New Zealand and beyond, including its fourth fund — worth $500 million — announced in August last year.

That’s gone into some 82 portfolio companies including unicorns Canva and SafetyCulture, as well as Fleet Space, Nura, Redbubble, Mentorloop, Baraja and many, many more.

So over the past decade or so, founding partner Rick Baker has been in prime position to observe the evolving local VC scene.

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