Small-to-medium businesses and startups have never needed credible journalism and information more so than now.

That’s our job at SmartCompany: to keep you informed with the news, interviews and analysis you need to manage your way through this unprecedented crisis.

But like most of you, we’re hurting too. Our advertising revenue — which is our only revenue source — has fallen dramatically. We need to broaden our base and expand our business model.

You can help us in this mission by becoming a SmartCompany supporter. Making even a small contribution will help us to do the journalism that keeps Australia’s SMEs and entrepreneurs informed — and will keep our journalism free for everyone to read.


If you decide to support SmartCompany on a monthly or annual basis, you’ll also have access to the following benefits.

1. Dial into our monthly editor’s meeting.

This is where we tell you what we’re working on, and what we’ve recently learnt. You can ask questions and tell us about your experiences, worries and triumphs — our journalists will be listening closely and will draw on your commentary to guide our coverage.

2. Attend a monthly, password-protected webinar with a big-name entrepreneur.

You’ll not only get the chance to listen to seasoned business leaders talk about success, mistakes and lessons learnt, but you’ll also be able to ask your own questions in an intimate Q&A.


What’s behind the decision to launch a SmartCompany financial contributor program right now?

Like all businesses, SmartCompany needs to respond and adapt to changed circumstances. The COVID-19 economic crisis has impacted heavily on our sole revenue source: advertising. At the same time, the size of our audience has grown significantly, we absolutely want to maintain the quality and quantity of our service journalism for SMEs and entrepreneurs, and we want to keep that journalism free to everyone who wants to read it.

All this led us to the conclusion that if enough readers are prepared to voluntarily support SmartCompany’s journalism, we will create a new revenue stream that will allow us to meet our — and our readers’ — mutual objectives.

Do I get access to the supporter benefits if I make a one-off contribution?

Unfortunately not. ‘Supporters’ are those that make financial contributions on a monthly or annual basis. However, you can donate as little as you like, which in our opinion, makes accessing the benefits very accessible.

How will my financial contributions be used?

Initially, your contributions will help us remain viable and pay for our existing journalism. But we’re hoping that if readers contribute at higher levels, we’ll be able to invest in creating more journalism, cover more subjects and recruit more writers, reporters and columnists.

If I am a supporter, does that mean you'll write about my business or startup, or that I can make story suggestions?

Anyone can email [email protected] with story suggestions, press releases and ideas. We receive hundreds of tips every day, and many of our stories eventuate from emails to this inbox. Please note, however, that being a supporter does not entitle you to special treatment in this regard, and there is no guarantee that we will write articles about your business or startup.

Doesn’t an increased audience deliver more advertising revenue?

Unfortunately not. Although SmartCompany’s audience size is now larger than at almost any time in our twelve-year history, advertising revenue has fallen significantly since the coronavirus crisis emerged. This means we need to find other revenue streams to support our free quality journalism.