Allison Baker from Workible: My best tech

Allison Baker is the co-founder and director of Workible, a new mobile and social recruitment app for the flexible workforce. Prior to Workible, Allison had extensive experience in media and marketing consulting as well as journalism, having written for US newspapers such as the Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today and the McClatchy Newspapers Washington bureau.

My favourite piece of tech is Flipboard, the social news magazine application. For my tech business I constantly need to stay up to date on new tech trends and industry news, but don’t have the time to trawl through hundreds of blogs and news sites to find it.

Flipboard is great because it allows me to quickly search through my favourite publications, blogs, social media channels and news sites all from the one platform.

I can also collect and save my favourite stories, videos and images onto Flipboard so I can read them later or share them across my social media channels.  As a busy entrepreneur I don’t have a lot of time to post on social media. By adding my Facebook and Twitter accounts to Flipboard I can quickly browse the newsfeed from both channels and share content across each channel easily.


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