Apple iWatch development experiencing battery, screen and manufacturing issues

Apple is reportedly experiencing a number of issues in creating its first smartwatch, dubbed the iWatch, including problems with batteries, screens and manufacturing.

TheNextWeb reports Apple even halted advanced prototyping with one component supplier late last year, although as the tech giant usually tests multiple manufacturers, this is unlikely to cause delays.

The tech giant reportedly has a sizable team working on the product, which is likely to run a slimmed-down version of iOS.

In March of last year, reports surfaced Apple was working on a smartwatch with head of design Jony Ive driving the project and 100 engineers under his command.

At the time, reports cited sources within the company as saying the watch will run a new version of iOS, and the company was having trouble in achieving lengthy battery life and Bluetooth connectivity.

Features being considered for the watch include making calls, checking notifications, map locations and health-related data.

At the time, sources within the company claimed the wearable devices would be released before the end of 2013.


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