Business owners can now switch between Instagram accounts without logging out of the app


As of this week business owners can finally switch between multiple accounts on Instagram without having to log out of the app first.

The update for iOS and Android means business owners can add up to five accounts to the Instagram app and easily switch between them without needing to log out and back in for each account.

This has long been an issue for individual users, as well as business owners who rely on Instagram for grassroots marketing campaigns.

Users can add additional accounts by going to profile settings and tapping the username at the top.

A profile photo will appear throughout the app so users can always tell which profile they’re posting from – avoiding any awkward mistaken postings.

Instagram is an increasingly important tool for growing businesses such as coffee scrub maker Frank Body, which build almost their entire brand using the photo-sharing platform.

Frank Body co-founder Jess Hatzis previously told SmartCompany Instagram was an essential part of reaching its customers.

“We knew our target market would be females aged between 16 and 24 and they were already really actively using Instagram. It’s a great visual platform, there’s not as many restrictions as Facebook and there was a real gap for a brand to jump on the platform,” she said.

Every piece of marketing material from Frank Body encouraged people to interact with the Instagram account, including flyers sent out with each packet of the body scrub that urged customers to post selfies with the hashtag #thefrankeffect.

Frank Body now has more than 676,000 Instagram followers.

“People like to feel part of the brand, it’s what makes them continue to engage,” she says.

The Instagram update is included on version 7.15 for iOS and Android available both in the App Store and Google Play.



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